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Clearings for Prosperity© Workshop for Realtors

Energy Clearing Solutions for Problem Properties

The Clearings for Prosperity© workshop is designed for realtors who want to learn how to clear negative interfering influences and enhance the positive energy of their real estate listings.

Unseen non-beneficial energies have an immediate impact on prospective buyers and renters whether they are consciously aware of it or not, and often can interfere with obtaining a successful sale or rental contract for a property.

Non-beneficial energies may include such energies as ghosts, extraterrestrial entities, a wide variety of negative energies, portals, natural earth energies such as columns, vortexes and underground streams as well as from manmade causes such as EMF’s from high voltage wires, electrical generators, cell towers, etc.  This course teaches how to identify these energies and how to neutralize their negative impact.

The Clearings for Prosperity© workshop is designed in a powerful format to help you to clear not only your listed properties but also clear and balance yourself.  

In the course you will learn how to draw upon angelic and enlightened energies to balance inner personal discord and interfering external energies in your environment.  You will be attuned to angelic energies; introduced to Enlightened Beings; learn how to use these powerful energies to clear personal issues, karma and negative energies; and learn techniques for personal transformation. You will learn how to clear properties at a distance as well as in person.

Organizationally, the material will include the following:

The Clearings for Prosperity© workshop is offered in Alexandria, Virginia and/or webinar formats.

Jay Quinn has been a holistic practitioner in Northern Virginia since 1993. He became interested in geomancy, the ancient art of balancing natural earth energies, when observing how toxic home or office environments affected the health of his clients.

Jay initially learned to identify and balance geopathic stress while studying Health Kinesiology with Dr. Jimmy Scott. Jay went on to study Feng Shui with Edgar Sung, a Chinese Feng Shui master with over 40 years of experience. While studying and practicing Vajrayana Buddhism, Jay learned secret teachings and practices to balance elemental and other disturbing energies. Overtime, his clearing process has grown to include raising the vibration of the space; clearing issues and karma with all parties connected to the sale; and implanting sacred symbols, fields and qualities to help foster the sale.  

Jay is available for consultations as well as for clearing and balancing properties in person or at a distance at a rate of $125 per hour.

About the Instructor

Vibrational Consultant

Clearings for Prosperity© Workshop

Duration: Three days

Cost: $400

Dates: Offered regularly according to interest

Format: On location or webinar formats

Fee includes: Course manual, laminated dowsing charts, pendulum, plus onsite property clearing.

Clearings for Prosperity© Workshop

Learn how to energetically clear and enhance sales